We can help you grow or restructure your business, transfer ownership, develop better management procedures, and much more. Let our accounting experts provide financial guidance for your business.

Our licensed CPA firm does much more than just handling your taxes and balancing your books. In fact, most of our clients rely on us for ongoing business consulting services. We’ve had several clients tell us that our financial guidance has turned around their businesses and prevented them from going bankrupt.

When you need an experienced CPA to guide your big financial decisions, turn to The Figueira Group. We’ll communicate with you as often as needed to help you meet your goals and grow your business. Think of us as a business partner with a vested interest in your success.

Let’s schedule a one-hour, no-obligation conversation so that we can get to know your business.

Who Do We Work With?

At the Figueira Group, we specialize in working with small-to-medium size business owners across many different industries. Whether you have a small ecommerce site, run a neighborhood deli, or are starting a niche wholesale company, we want to work with you.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand your perspective, challenges, and goals. And by applying our accounting background, we’re able to share valuable insights that you might not have uncovered otherwise. We’ll evaluate risks and identify opportunities so that you feel confident in your business decisions.


Our Areas of Expertise Include:



    There are many challenges that can get in the way of business growth—you could diversify too quickly, spread your resources too thin, or neglect to document your strategy, just to name a few common obstacles. The Figueira Group will meet with you about your long-term goals and help you document a strategy for growth. We’ll also help you implement and modify your plan as your business evolves.



    We’ll review your contracts, whether you’re hiring a new employee or partnering with a vendor, to make sure all parties are satisfied with the agreement.



    As your small business grows, you may discover that you need to restructure. The Figueira Group can guide you through this process and help you understand the benefits, risks, and tax implications of every type of business structure.



    The time may come when you decide to transfer the ownership of your business to an entrepreneur, partner, or family member. At the Figueira Group, we’re very familiar with the process of transitioning business ownership—in fact, this type of consulting makes up about a quarter of our business. No matter what type of business entity you own, we’ll help you transition in a way that minimizes your taxes and improves your financial outcome.



    We’ll look at your current operations and organizational challenges to help you make the big picture decisions that are in your company’s best interests. While we can provide management consulting services for one-time projects, we specialize in working with businesses on a monthly basis.


Find Out What The Figueira Group Can Do For Your Business

We know that every business is different, so rather than just telling you what we’ve done for other clients, we’d like to discuss what we can do for you. Contact us about our business consulting services and we’ll create a personalized strategy to help you succeed.