About The Figueira Group

Donny Figueira founded The Figueira Group in 2016. He is joined by his wife, Daniela Figueira, who provides administrative assistance to the firm.

Donny Figueira began working in public accounting in 1997. He continued working as a staff accountant until 2011, when he made partner at a small accounting firm. His experience as a partner expanded his professional knowledge and networks in a way that has allowed him to become a trusted business and financial advisor to all his clients. He likes working closely with his clients and helping them make important business decisions.


  • NY CPA
  • NJ CPA

Daniela Figueira

Daniela Figueira began her career in real estate. She worked for a small title insurance company before opening her own title insurance business with a small group of professionals in 2005. She eventually sold her interest in the business and began working at one of the largest title insurance agencies in New Jersey, where she managed multi-million dollar transactions. In early 2017, she began working for the Figueira Group part-time while on maternity leave and has since expanded her role. She enjoys the freedom of being able to work from home on her own business.